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What Our Clients Say

I joined the Seniors classes over 3 years ago after retiring from a fairly all-consuming, city-based work routine. It was great to embark on a well-modulated, expert-led induction to regular exercise in such good company. 

I enjoy getting together with my class mates at our twice-weekly Senior sessions. . It’s also been great fun to participate from time to time as part of the gym community in special holiday or competition events. 

My 3 years + experience of training at the gym has been altogether positive, and my initial goals were soon achieved and surpassed. Regular training at the gym provides me with a great platform for achieving a better diet and building up a suite of complementary outdoor activities ( e.g. walking, cycling, swimming).


I have always suffered with knee problems, and after my last surgery I was advised not to do impact activities like running so I decided to join the gym.

I enjoy both the strength sessions as well as the aerobic part and seeing how you improve every day. 

Being consistent  and having the team of coaches as well as the group in the gym, has pushed me to be the best I can be. Getting stronger and seeing the results has helped me to keep going, and in these times where mental health is so important, the gym is a great release of stress. Great atmosphere.


I joined the gym because I am a 47 year old father who was feeling his age, was out of shape, and wanted to improve his health and fitness for the long term.  

The staff at the gym are consummate pros, who went through a thorough evaluation with me, and set out a realistic yet challenging plan for me to follow.  Any limitations I have are treated with respect, and my profile is constantly being evaluated and updated to overcome any little obstacles.   

In the group classes there is a sense of teamwork and commitment that drives you to lift  that bit more weight, or do a few more reps.. This is the first time I have ever looked forward to going to the gym, and look forward to being a part of the gym for many years to come!


I joined the gym about eight years ago and I have been doing the senior classes ever since.There is a great sense of  community and inclusion in the gym. Training with colleagues is very  enjoyable and the trainers provide us with excellent coaching and guidance during the sessions. 

My level of strength has greatly increased due to continuous weight lifting programs, and with the use of bikes,rowers and circuit training my level of cardio fitness has improved enormously. Coaching advice is targeted to one’s own level of progress and ability level. 

The benefit to me of this kind  of training is the improved sense of wellbeing and overall improved  level of fitness outside of the gym. When one sees continuous levels of improvement and progression, one is very motivated to keep coming back.


I wasn’t sure how effective it would be without real supervision and I was afraid I would give up without my peers around me. These were misconceptions I had prior to actually engaging with online coaching. 

When I got into it I found it just as effective if not more effective than being in the gym as it is designed specifically around me and my goals. 

Big highlights for me have included;

Doing 6 x 2k rows in one session
Maintaining averages during interval sessions
Being able to train at home effectively in the current environment 

I have become an advocate of The online method after being initially wary!


I was not sure how I could manage to train with just one KB or one band. You showed me how to utilize whatever we have as equipment to the full extent and even increase the difficulty level. 

My goal was to keep building upper body strength and so far I have done a hollow body wall walk, more push-ups and started running while staying active and sane. Your comments and feedback post completing each session are great for keeping me motivated.

 My coach has recently set the goal of handstand push-up in the near future, I am really looking forward to it!!!


I didn’t think it would motivate me, I didn’t think I would do workouts on my own and I didn’t think I would push myself as much as I would in a class. 

However, your response to my feedback and the motivational and constructive feedback I get for each workout has really changed that. My goal was to be able to run for a longer time/distance.

I can now run for an hour without feeling like I’m about to die, my legs feel stronger and I look forward to my runs and don’t dread them (weather helps, obviously!)

I think you are doing a really fantastic job, thanks.


I was initially concerned about how you would structure the online program and that there would be too much repetition leading to me loathing it and not actually doing the work. My goals are to keep up strength work, maintain my weight and not lose my mind while keeping up an exercise regime.

You guys are tailoring the workouts to the equipment available, giving me feedback on each session and making changes week to week so I don’t get bored. Thanks, I really appreciate the support and help it is definitely keeping me going!


My concern with the online program was that I wouldn’t be able to commit to it because of the home environment. By making me accountable I have managed to complete every workout.

The biggest achievement for me is building movement back into my routine. I feel better, have lost weight and appreciate how you guys keep it relaxed and friendly. Thank you.


I really struggle with motivating myself, particularly now. I find the act of booking into a class so useful as I’m committing myself to turn up to the gym 3 times a week. I want the class setting with the atmosphere. 

But the personalised training plan is really helping with my goals to stay fit and healthy and not put on weight. I have done 10 unbroken push-ups, run 50 mins without stopping and I have no shin splints pain.


I didn’t think I’d keep up the online training especially as I don’t have the best tools at hand – but the team for keeping me motivated and answerable 🙂

With daily check-ins and monthly appointments, I’m more motivated than I thought I would be and not piling on the weight. Thanks a lot.


I really wasn’t sure that I would be motivated enough to workout on my own! However, the constant feedback & knowing you’re accountable to a coach really helps with that. I don’t love the conditioning no matter what my coach tells me but I get it done with his encouragement.

I have toned up, lost a few kgs, got my first chin-ups (and a few more) and developed a bit more of an interest in conditioning. The program has surpassed my expectations, thank you so much ????